July 7, 2015

One of the best pieces of energy-saving equipment you can choose for your next air conditioning system is a variable-speed air handler. It employs technology that varies speed based on the heating and cooling requirements of your home. It operates almost continuously, offering homeowners several benefits.

Lower Operating Costs

Variable-speed handlers often operate at low speeds and reduce energy consumption. They can reduce your electricity bill by up to 40 percent.

Quieter Operation

Air handlers are usually loudest when running at high speeds and when turning on and off. A variable-speed air handler rarely runs at high speeds, and because air flows through the ducts at a lower velocity, the noise levels are greatly reduced. A variable-speed handler is also inherently quiet because it doesn’t cycle on and off continually like a single-speed handler.

Improved Air Quality

A variable-speed handler moves air at a slow speed. This allows the air filter to trap more airborne particulates. Additionally, the air handler constantly circulates air, producing cleaner indoor air round the clock.

Better Humidity Control

By running at low speeds for longer periods of time, variable-speed air handlers offer great control over humidity. They dehumidify the air more effectively, helping prevent the growth of mold and structural damage from condensation and rot. They make it possible for you to increase the temperature during the summer without sacrificing comfort.

Ability to Zone

A variable-speed unit’s flexibility allows you to zone your home. Through zoning, you can deliver the right amount of air to each room or area you’re using while leaving out the unoccupied ones. This helps you save a great deal of energy.

Increased Comfort

Feeling a blast of hot or cold air from your ductwork is very uncomfortable. A variable-speed handler delivers conditioned air gradually and consistently, providing uniform temperature in your home.

A variable-speed air handler can save you money and make your house more comfortable. If you want to learn more about the advantages of variable-speed air handlers, contact Wolff Mechanical. We have been serving central Arizona for over 24 years.

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