November 3, 2016

Arizona doesn't fall backIt’s been pretty toasty this summer, so maybe you’re looking forward to the house being cooler. But soon enough, you’re going to want to turn on the indoor heat. We are Arizonans after all, and a little breeze sends most of us into sweaters and boots.

Fall HVAC maintenance is important, but…Fall is a pretty busy season. Hitting the gym to work off that Halloween candy, planning the perfect Thanksgiving meal to accommodate every guest’s eating preferences, and keeping up with football takes a lot of time. Do you really want to spend your precious free time worrying about fall HVAC maintenance? Didn’t think so. Leave it to the professionals at Wolff Mechanical. We’ve got your covered.

Maintenance service twice a year is recommended to keep your unit in tip-top shape (saving you money on utility bills and system repairs later on down the line). Sure, you could go inspect the unit yourself, but, let’s be honest, all those wires and coils look like the inside of a mad scientist’s lab to you. Wolff’s knowledgeable staff will make sure everything is clean, lubricated, and running at peak efficiency. That means lower utility bills and a guilt-free conscious about your environmental impact. Hey, you deserve a treat for that! Good thing Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Another time-saving strategy: remember to replace your air filters. If you have a forced-air system, such as a heat pump or furnace, replacing your air filters monthly will extend equipment life. MONTHLY?! Does that seem like a lot? Are you considering stretching that filter for another month or two? You might want to rethink that. A good filter increases energy efficiency and reduces wear and tear on the system. But don’t stress about adding yet another chore to your fall To-Do list. Just give us a call at 480-788-3902 and a Wolff professional will happily schedule your fall tune-up. You’ll be breathing all the easier while smelling that oven-baked apple pie!

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