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How Evaluating Lifetime Costs Can Provide A True Picture Of What You’ll Pay For Cooling Equipment

Thinking about upgrading your cooling system? Wondering whether you will see any returns from this investment? By evaluating lifetime costs, you can see a true picture of what you’ll pay for cooling. Lifetime costs include the costs of your current cooling system, the initial costs of purchasing a cooling system and the future costs your cooling system will require.

Lifetime Costs vs. Current Costs: Depending on how old your current cooling system is, you may benefit from upgrading the system. Older cooling systems tend to run less efficiently, costing you more on a daily basis. Additionally, older systems are going to need regular repairs to keep them running, costing you more money. Finally, older systems may have stopped working properly, pumping out air that is not quite cold enough. Calculate how much money you are spending on your current cooling system to determine whether a system upgrade is a good idea.

Lifetime Costs vs. Initial Costs: The initial costs of upgrading a cooling system can be quite high. These costs often scare people away from upgrading their equipment. However, the initial costs should be seen as an investment, with the future savings as the return. Additionally, you may receive tax rebates for purchasing energy-efficient equipment. It is important to invest in a quality cooling system. Look for the Energy Star seal and other energy-saving features such as programmability, zoning capabilities and power-saving functions.

Lifetime Costs vs. Future Costs: Although future costs are difficult to predict, it is likely that you will be paying less in electricity bills each month. Other future costs include maintenance and repair costs. Because your cooling system is new, however, it is far less likely to break down and require repairs than your old system. Consider these lower future costs the return for your initial investment in the new cooling system.

Let Wolff Mechanical help you decide whether a cooling system upgrade is right for you. We can also help you choose a cooling system and install it in your home.

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