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Add A Zoning System, And Declare A Truce In Your Family’s Battle Of The Thermostat

Up. Down. Up. Down.

In many homes, the thermostat gets in a workout each day, as different people adjust the temperature setting up and down. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise; not only do different people prefer different temperature settings, but different parts of the house often have different temperatures. Rooms with more sunlight heat up by several degrees, while multi-story houses will always have the problem of warm air rising and cool air sinking. The result? A comfortable 75 degrees in the living room might translate to 80 degrees in the upstairs bedroom, or 70 in the basement.

Of course, this tug-of-war on the thermostat does a number on your heating and cooling bills, while leaving nobody truly comfortable for very long. If you are thinking that there has to be a better way–you’re right. And that better way is to install zoning systems.

Zoning systems divide your house up into a number of zones. Each zone can be one room, or several rooms, or an entire floor. The important thing is that every zone has its own thermostat, and is heated or cooled independently of the other zones to match its own thermostat settings. So, if you want it to be warmer in one room than in the others, you can do so. If you want the upstairs to finally be the exact same temperature as downstairs, you can do that too.

Zoning systems do all this while still using your one central HVAC unit. The only difference is that dampers are placed in the ductwork, allowing the vents to specific parts of the house to be closed off or opened up as needed.

And here’s the best part: zoning systems actually save you money at the same time that they make you more comfortable. You will no longer have to over-heat or over-cool certain areas to make other areas comfortable, and you can turn off the A/C or furnace completely in rooms that are not currently occupied.

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