• If anyone in your home has a dust allergy, consider removing all carpet. Carpet collects dust, making it nearly impossible to control dust.
    • Vacuum your house at least once a week. Vacuum vertical cloth, such as curtains, once a month. Vacuum your upholstery periodically, or take the cushions outside to beat out the dust.
    • Wash your bedding at least once a month. This will remove much of the dust that gathers from skin and hair particles.
    • Clutter causes dust to linger and makes it harder to clean. To reduce the amount of dust in your home, eliminate as much clutter as possible, particularly from closets and other areas without proper air flow.
    • Use a dusting cloth that collects the dust rather than sweeps it around. Damp cloths or statically-charged cloths work better than feather dusters and the like.
    • Consider the use of an air cleaner in the main rooms of your house. These air cleaners can pull additional dust out of the air and collect it for easy disposal.
    • Run the attic fan while vacuuming. This will pull up any air that does not get sucked up in the vacuum into the vent system of your home. The filters in your ductwork will collect the extra dust.
    • Clean out or change air filters about once every three months to reduce the amount of dust in your air.

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