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Variable-Speed Air Handlers Offer Enhanced Savings And Comfort

Variable-speed air handlers for HVAC systems produce multiple benefits for homeowners, including lower energy bills, more consistent comfort levels, and improved filtration and humidity control. This is especially important for residents of Central Arizona, where the cooling season seems to last forever, keeping utility bills high.

Efficiency is of the utmost importance for residents living in hot, arid climates, because the more efficiently your cooling – and heating – systems function, the better your energy savings. And efficiency is the top benefit for variable-speed models. Here’s how they work:

These air handlers employ cutting-edge technology in a motor that varies its speed according to the temperature needs of your home. Running most often at a lower speed, they use a lot less energy than standard air handlers, which basically just run at one full-on speed. With variable-speed air handlers, when the thermostat setting calls for the cooling or heating system to cycle on, the handler begins at a low speed. After several minutes, it will ramp up to a higher speed, but only if the weather demands that it do so.

Conventional units that operate at one speed aren’t capable of providing these energy savings, because they are either “off” or “on” – and “on” means full capacity. However, full-speed operation is not always required, so these systems actually waste energy a good portion of the time.

Comfort is also enhanced with the use of a variable-speed air handler. When temperatures soar, the unit will provide even cooling. Because it runs nearly continuously, varying its speed according to the needs of your home, the air handler delivers consistent cooling, instead of strong blasts of air blowing through your home. Additional benefits include less noise, and the improved filtration and climate control that comes with continuous operation.

Increase your options with variable-speed air handlers, and watch the benefits of using such a system roll in. If you’d like help selecting an air handler to suit the needs of your home, contact HVAC experts Wolff Mechanical, ranked the #1 contractor in Arizona since 2009.

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