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How To Avoid AC Water Leaks During Monsoon Season With Wolff Mechanical

Extra heat and humidity may put an AC unit into overload, causing the AC unit to leak into the home. Wolff Mechanical offers emergency AC repairs during these hot months.

Wolff Mechanical of Phoenix is a full service HVAC provider serving commercial and residential heating and AC units year round.  During the humid monsoon season months, which is normally begins in mid July and ends in September, local air conditioning units experience extra strain and require extra attention.

The excess humidity in the air during monsoon season prevents the AC unit from clearing out all moisture from the system before blowing dry, cool, air into the home.  While most AC units work on overtime during these hot months, the system never has the chance to recover and fully drain excess moisture.  If you find the your AC is dripping water into your home, turning off your AC for a few hours this may allow the unit to drain the water from the drain pan.  If turning off your AC unit does not help to reduce the amount of water leakage into your home, you may need to call a professional air conditioning repair company to inspect the unit.

Common reasons why water will be unable to drain properly, causing water leaks, include a rusted drain pan or a loose or unplugged drain line.  The condensation from the evaporator coil produces the excess water in the drain pan, which is overly present during the hot and humid monsoon season.

About Wolff Mechanical

Wolff Mechanical is a full service HVAC provider serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area with heating, cooling, and solar services.  They offer emergency air conditioner repair services for residential and commercial clients.  They are a top rated contractor for AC and heating repairs and installations.  The company offers top products and reliable services using the latest technology.  To learn more, please visit www.azairconditioning.com.