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A Red-Tagged Furnace Compromises Your Safety: A Simple Guide To Repair Or Replace

Every year, homeowners all over the country receive some bad news about their furnace: it’s been red-tagged. If an HVAC technician issues a red tag for your furnace, it’s important to know exactly what that means and what your options are. Unfortunately, a red tag usually means you will have to have your furnace repaired or replaced.

What does “red-tagged” really mean?

Some furnace technicians will mark your furnace with an actual red tag; others will just hand you some official paperwork. In either case, a red tag indicates that there is something wrong with your furnace that makes your equipment unsafe to operate and cannot be fixed by the technician on the spot.

Furnace technicians are required by law to issue a red tag if they discover a furnace that poses a hazard to the homeowner. With a red-tagged furnace, the gas to your system might be turned off until the issue is fixed.

Why has your furnace been red-tagged?

There are a wide range of furnace problems that can lead to a red tag. One of the most common is a cracked heat exchanger, which is a serious problem that creates a carbon monoxide risk. Generally speaking, anything that might pose a fire, electrical or carbon monoxide hazard can incur a red tag.

What’s your next move?

If you have a red-tagged furnace, what you do next is up to you. Under no circumstances should a red-tagged furnace be operated, so you essentially have two options: repair your furnace or have it replaced.

Which path you take depends on a few different factors, like the age of your system (furnaces younger than 10 tears should generally be repaired rather than replaced) and what exactly is wrong with your furnace (cracked heat exchangers can be so costly to repair that many homeowners simply replace their furnace instead).

The best way to plan your next move is to contact a licensed professional. For more information on red-tagged furnaces and what your next step should be, contact Wolff Mechanical. We provide expert heating and air conditioning service throughout the Phoenix area.

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