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Expert Installation Can Save You More Than Just Time

Whether you have decided on installation of a central air conditioning unit for the first time, or you are replacing an older and inefficient system, the cost for that installation can be a considerable investment in your homes overall value.

Improper installation done could cause you many problems, not the least of which could be the loss of your system on a blistering Arizona summer day.

No matter what you might think, even replacing an existing system is not a weekend do-it-yourself kind of project; expert installation is the only safe and smart way to go to ensure that your new unit will operate properly and efficiently.

Professional heating and air conditioning installers are trained to inspect your home and advise you, not just on what system will be best, but also what you need to do to make your home more efficient and ready for a new system. If your home has air leaks around windows, doors and other fixtures such as light switches and stove hoods, even a new system, designed to save energy, will be costly to operate.

A professional HVAC installer will need access to your attic and crawl spaces to measure for needed ductwork. He also will be able to tell if you will need to make any structural changes to accommodate the air handler. He will need to determine the proper placement of the thermostat and controls; thermostat installation is vital to a properly operating system and it really does matter where it’s placed. And he is going to need to ensure that your home’s electrical system is adequate.

Armed with that information, your HVAC professional can sit down with you and explain what the best options are for your central air installation. They can work out whatever options you’ll need and schedule your installation the same day.

If you are looking for new or replacement installation options in the Phoenix or Scottsdale areas, contact us and see what Wolff Mechanical can do for your home.

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