Nowadays, solar energy is used for various purposes. The advancement in science has brought changes in the life of a man. There are several impossible things, which have now became possible due to the advancement in science. Among various types of inventions that are run by the solar energy, one of the marvelous things is the solar air conditioners. Although it looks very odd, that how the solar system or energy could make our houses cool, however; this is now a fact that the solar energy has been captured by various means, and it is used for different purposes.

The solar air conditioning can be done easily where there is sunlight in abundance. These are the areas where the room temperature remains higher, and hence air conditioning is necessary to cool down the environment. These air conditioners are ideal for these places since the air conditioners will have abundant sunlight for the generation of energy, and in addition these air conditioners provide the cost-effective solution for lowering down the room temperature.