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Types Of Solar AC Units

At Wolff Mechanicial Inc. we offer the option of installing solar air conditioning units for those who are interested in conserving energy and want a more green option for keeping cool during the summer. Not only do solar air conditioning units help with environmental causes, but they can also help save money on electric bills this summer. Traditional air conditioning units generally operate during peak temperature times and tend to cause power outages due to over usage of power grids. Using traditional air conditioning units during peak heat hours also means more money out of your pocket for energy bills. Solar units reduce greenhouse emissions, lower grid demand, helping to reduce power outages by shifting usage during peak hours, and help to save money on electricity bills.

Two Types Of Solar AC Units

A hybrid system combines photovoltaic technology (PV) with direct current (DC). It automatically switches between solar and battery power as needed. When it’s set to hybrid mode, these systems charge their batteries when the sun is shining; when it isn’t, the system runs on battery backup while charging its batteries via alternating current (AC) power.

GreenCore Air, for example, designed its solar-powered air conditioner to work either completely off the grid or as a hybrid solar/battery air conditioning unit. It is powered by a single 170-watt solar panel, runs on DC power and has the capacity to cool about a 600-square-foot (55-square-meter) room.

Solar-powered absorption chillers, also known as evaporative coolers, work by heating and cooling water through evaporation and condensation. Chillers cool the air by blowing it over water-saturated material — solar energy is used to power the fan and motor. SolCool’s hybrid solar air conditioner, for example, runs on solar energy, can be plugged in or can run off of batteries. Even when plugged in to a conventional power source, it operates at a maximum of 500 watts per hour, compared to about 900 for a conventional window unit (and 3,500 watts for an hour of central air conditioning). Its chiller option offers air conditioning for hours after a power failure.

At Wolff Mechanical, our Scottsdale air conditioning services are available to help you install traditional or solar air conditioning units. If you have a traditional air conditioning unit and are interested in switching to solar air conditioning we are able to help you. Whether you are interested in helping to environment by saving energy or you just want to help lower your electric bill, Wolff Mechanical Inc. can help by installing a solar air conditioning unit in your home today. Visit our website for more information www.wolffmechanical.com on our services and solar air conditioning units.

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