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How To Troubleshoot A AC Fan

At Wolff Mechanical we provide the people of Arizona with all of the Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair services. Since the summer heat is in full swing it is important to us to make sure the air conditioning units in every home or office are working efficiently. At Wolff Mechanical not only to we provide repair services, we also enjoy sharing maintenance tips for air conditioners. If the fan on your air conditioning unit is not working or is loud it might be time to access the situation or call our technicians to help replace the motor. Here are a few troubleshooting tips for an air conditioning fan and if they do not do the trick call us and we would be happy to assist you with any issue you face in regards to an air conditioner. 


When a fan malfunctions, the problem is usually loose or dirty blades. If the fan won’t operate or if it’s noisy, cleaning and tightening will usually fix it. Here’s how to repair a room air conditioner’s fan:

Step 1: Open cabinet and locate fan.

Step 2: Clean away any debris with vacuum and soft cloth.

Step 3: Check fan blade on motor shaft for looseness. Blade is fastened to shaft with setscrew at hub of blade.

Tighten setscrew with screwdriver or Allen wrench. If air conditioner has round vent fan, tighten fan on motor shaft by inserting long-blade screwdriver through port in fan.

Fan is installed in its h­ousing with bolts, and vibration can loosen these fasteners. Then tighten them with wrench.

Step 4: If fan has oil ports, apply several drops of 20-weight nondetergent motor oil (not all-purpose oil) to each port at beginning of cooling season.

Step 5: If you suspect fan motor is faulty, test it with VOM set to RX1 scale. Disconnect terminal wires from terminals, and clip probes of VOM to wires.

If meter reads between about 3 and 30 ohms, motor is functioning properly. If meter reads either zero or an extremely high number, replace motor.

To remove the fan motor, remove the fan, the power wires, and several mounting bolts. Install the new motor with the reverse procedure. However, if the condenser coil must be moved to get the fan out, do not try to remove the motor. Call a professional service person.

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