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Why Install A Solar Water Heater?

Wolff Mechanical Inc. offers Scottsdale Air Conditioning Repair Services and solar water heater installation. These days’ people are interested in conserving energy and resources in an effort to help the environment. Solar water heaters are a great way to use the sun as a source of heating the water used for showers and other water sources inside the home.

There are two types of solar water heaters that are offered.  A direct circulation system for the home is needed in Arizona because the weather is generally warm in comparison to other parts of the country. This form of solar water heater uses pumps to circulate water through the solar collectors and into the home. Places, where they face freezing weather during the winter, must use an indirect circulation system. Heat transfer fluid is used to circulate through the collectors and then is transferred to a heat exchanger, which heats the water that is delivered into the home. 

How Solar Water Heaters Work

Collecting Energy.  The solar heater is placed near the home facing south and collects sunlight through a solar collector. The collector converts sunlight into long wave heat and a special “glazing” stops the heat from escaping.

Energy Transfer. The heat collected from the sunlight in the collector is transferred to the water storage tank. This circulation of energy can be done in two ways: water in an “open-loop” or propylene glycol in a “closed-loop”.

Energy Storage. Until you turn on the water inside the home the solar-heated water is stored in an insulated tank. Most solar water heaters are larger than regular water heaters because solar-heated water can only be produced during the daytime, so in order to produce warm water in the morning and at night the tank must store more water.

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