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Do You Know The Best Place To Put Your Tankless Water Heater?

Water heating in the average home consumes up to 20 percent of total home energy usage. Going with a tankless water heater can curb water heater expenses 25 to 50 percent. Though, the location you choose to install the tankless unit has an impact on installation and usage costs. Use these tips to put your tankless system in the best spot.

Practical Locations

Tankless water heaters that use natural gas to heat water easily beat out electric models for efficiency, gallons-per-minute (GPM) hot water output, and popularity. However, that doesn’t mean that electric tankless water heaters won’t save you money — especially if you install smaller point-of-use units near hot water faucets and applications.

In general, if you are replacing a gas-fueled storage water heater, installing your tankless water heater in the same place is a practical decision. You’re going to need power, water, and gas lines for your tankless water heater, which are already in place from your old water heater. This saves money on installing the new unit.

Electric tankless water heaters are a different matter. By installing smaller point-of-use units beneath washbasins and the kitchen sink, and a larger unit for showering and clothes washing, you’ll likely save more water-heating energy than one large gas unit. This is practically guaranteed if you have a self-heating clothes washer and dishwasher.

Sizing Your System

Your HVAC technician sizes your tankless system based on maximum GPM of hot water used. For example, if at any time you are running the clothes washer, a shower, and a hand sink, the GPM for each application is tallied and your tankless unit is sized to meet demand.

Once correctly sized, you’ll know which hot-water applications are used most often and which use the most hot water. You would save money by reducing standby heat loss to piping and waiting for hot water by installing your tankless unit as close as possible to high-demand applications.

It’s essential to size your tankless water heater correctly and install it in a location that maximizes efficiency. Contact Wolff Mechanical to ensure your tankless installation is a success.

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