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Ductless Mini Split Might Do The Trick If One Room’s Too Cold Or Hot

There are many aspects for achieving, and maintaining, maximum cooling efficiency in your Phoenix-area home, including how well your home is sealed and insulated, the layout of your home and the elements of your forced-air system’s design which are responsible for providing balanced airflow. If there are rooms and areas in your home which seem impossible to keep cool (or warm), consider the benefits offered by a ductless mini split for nice cooling and heating that won’t drain your pocketbook.

How a ductless mini split works

Ductless mini splits are air-source heat pumps with an outside unit housing the compressor/condenser, and indoor air handlers containing the evaporator coil and IAQ components. Instead of using intrusive ductwork to channel cooled/heated air to the living spaces, the sleek air handlers are installed inside the immediate room or area which needs cooling and heating, whether if it’s a home office, family room, new addition, retrofit or more.

This is accomplished by utilizing a thin conduit to house refrigerant tubing, drainage and power supply to each air handler. The conduit only requires a small hole in the outer wall of your home to connect the outside unit to each air handler, using hidden spaces (e.g. inside walls and crawl space) for convenience, aesthetics and to save space.

Benefits of ductless mini splits

The key benefits of ductless mini splits are their versatile installation options, superior energy efficiency and a built-in zoning system.

    • Installation: The long conduit allows for many choices for the location of the outside unit, which means you may tuck it in an inconspicuous spot. Ductless systems solve the issue of limited space to extend ductwork.
    • Efficiency: Some models of ductless mini splits deliver better cooling and heating efficiency than any conventional heat pump or A/C.
    • Control: Each air handler offers independent temperature control. With advanced features, such as variable-speed compressors, new ductless systems provide efficient cooling, even for central Arizona’s worst heat.

Where ductless mini splits make sense

The majority of Japan is cooled by mini splits. They are an efficient way to add more air conditioning or heating to an area in which ductwork cannot be accommodated. Over the years Wolff Mechanical has installed mini splits in garages, man caves, theater rooms, pet rooms and even childrens outdoor structures. They are also used in historical homes and buildings that were not constructed with ductwork.

Keep in mind that mini splits are not a solution for a leaky duct system. In a case where a room is not getting enough warm or cool air, and the air is being lost in the attic or outside, a duct test should be performed to make sure the problem is not the duct system.

If you’re having a difficult time keeping rooms in your central Arizona home comfortable, contact Wolff Mechanical today to learn more about the benefits of a ductless mini split.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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