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Fall Furnace Tune-Up: What To Expect From The Tech

Winter in Central Arizona doesn’t seem much of a burden when compared to climates further north, but – to those of us who live here year-round – those three months when average lows are down in the 50s can feel like an arctic blast. So if you haven’t already done so this fall, there’s no time like the present for a fall furnace tune-up. What can you expect from the technician who does the job?

Visual Inspection

Simple items such as a functioning flue cap, a properly sealed and unblocked vent system (especially at the connectors) and a heat exchanger that has no corrosion or splits are vitally important. Failures of these systems or components can result in carbon monoxide leaking into your living space.

Registers that deliver treated air to your living spaces must be free from dust and debris, as must the grilles of the return air system. Any contamination reduces efficiency.

Mechanical Operation

The blower access door must tightly seal against its housing; otherwise treated air can be wasted.

Burner operation can be negatively impacted by the presence of material that fouls air and gas flow. Airborne contaminants, that collect as “fluff,” can block combustion air intakes, and rust particles sifting down from inside the heat exchanger can block the gas jets. Partial blockages are likely to allow burner ignition, but the flame will not be at its best; thus it will not burn efficiently.

Furnace blowers are often shared by the air conditioning system. A fall tune-up presents a great opportunity for your tech to check that all the drains are free and clear, and that their egress points still meet code.

More Technical Aspects

Each manufacturer provides a set of specifications for the combustion gases produced by their equipment. Tests should be carried out to ensure your furnace meets those optimal figures. If it does not, it isn’t burning correctly, and poor combustion typically results in increased fuel bills.

Similarly, the air mover (blower) should operate within a set of amperage-draw parameters. Performance must be checked with a meter.

Contact Wolff Mechanical to schedule your fall furnace tune-up. You can be assured our highly trained techs will leave your equipment in top shape for the Phoenix area’s heating season.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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