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How To Remove Mold From Your Ductwork

Most people are well-aware of the damage that mold can do in a home, including physical damage to the home as well as creating conditions for the inhabitants of the home to become ill.  While many people are aware of many of its hiding places, most people may not realize that the ductwork is also a very likely hiding place.  The two main reasons for the collection of mildew is the buildup of dust or debris and the collection of moisture.

Mildew can form in ductwork because of dust and debris that has been allowed to collect in the ductwork.  When water condenses on the coils of an air conditioning unit, mildew may form if dust or dirt is present.

You should regularly check for torn or damaged ducts.  An opening in the duct may allow dust and debris to enter the duct, which can lead to the formation of mold.  A professional technician can help repair any damages that may have happened to your ductwork.

Make sure ducts are sealed tightly.  Loosely sealed ducts can also allow dust and debris to enter the ductwork. The ducts should have been tightly sealed at installation; however, it is also good to allow a professional technician to be sure the seals are still effective.

Make sure to clean or replace air filters often.  Dirty air filters can introduce more dirt or dust into the air conditioning system.

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