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Your New Heat Pump: 7 Installation Considerations

When you install a new heat pump in your home you want to make sure you get the job done right. Proper installation translates to better performance and less of a burden on your energy bill

7 Installation Tips

Use these 7 tips during heat pump installation in your Arizona home to get the best results:

    1. The collection pan which sits under the inside coil must be connected to your home’s drainage system which properly routes excess moisture out of your heat pump.
    2. Position your unit with enough space on all sides for service workers to access the various components of the heat pump for maintenance.
    3. Its good practice to run refrigerant lines as straight and short as possible for optimum delivery. Insulate lines to further reduce heat loss and condensation buildup.
    4. Heat pumps can be used for heating and cooling so it’s important to note that these systems often require larger duct sizes compared to many central air systems. This means that existing duct work in your home may need to be modified. Proper heat pump operation requires 400 to 450 cubic feet per minute for every ton of cooling capacity.
    5. Ensure that your heat pump stand is anchored to a concrete pad which sits on top of a bed of gravel for increased drainage capacity. Homeowners also have the option to mount heat pumps to the outer wall of their homes in a suspended metal frame to circumvent the drainage issue.
    6. Make sure you position your heat pump away from the drip-line, where rain drips down from the roof, to prevent water from getting into your unit. Over time dripping water can cause fan and motor damage while simultaneously reducing airflow.
    7. The compressors and fans of a heat pump can be noisy. Position your unit away from bedrooms, windows and neighboring buildings. Some units also have a tendency to vibrate. This additional noise can be reduced by placing the heat pump on a sound-absorbing base.

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