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Do You Know How To Recognize And Repair Air Conditioner Freeze?

If your air conditioner is on and running but the air in your home is growing warmer, there is a problem that needs your immediate attention. Place you hand in front of a supply register. If there is little or no airflow coming through the register, you have a frozen air conditioner. You can take care of this problem yourself or call Wolff Mechanical.

How to Take Care of a Frozen Air Conditioner

First, turn off the air conditioning unit immediately. This prevents (or lessens) damage to the unit’s compressor. Check the drain in its condensation pan to make sure it is unblocked. If it is, clear it. Now allow all accumulated ice to thaw and drain. If possible, turn on the AC’s fan independent of running the compressor. This accelerates thawing. If you have a frozen window AC unit, go outside and unblock its drain hole. Make sure the unit is slanted to the exterior for drainage purposes. Once the drains are clear and the ice has thawed, turn your AC unit on again. It should begin to cool the air immediately.

What Causes the Freezing of an Air Conditioning Unit?

There are several culprits and all problems are related to system maintenance. The first is a dirty filter. When your unit’s filter is dirty, it cause low air flow to the unit’s evaporator coil. This reduces the amount of cool air circulated in your house. The unit needs an adequate flow of hot and humid air over the coil to prevent freezing and reduce stress on your unit’s compressor. Its fan must also blow quickly enough to send a sufficient air volume over the coil. If the fan’s speed is too slow, an HVAC technician can adjust it to correct the problem.

Adjust your thermostat to prevent your air conditioning from running all night or it will freeze. If a simple adjustment does not help, your thermostat needs a maintenance check to adjust or replace it. Make sure your coolant levels are normal. Low coolant levels may cause a freeze also. Clean your filter monthly, check your drain weekly during times of peak usage and never close off more than a fourth of your home’s registers for economy’s sake or a freeze will occur.

When to Call for Phoenix AC Services

Thermostat checks and maintenance and coolant placement should be done by trained technicians. Wolff Mechanical Inc. is a full service provider of HVAC maintenance, repairs and replacements for Phoenix and its surrounding areas. Call or contact us today for an professional assessment of your AC unit and preventative maintenance.

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