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HVAC Split Systems Make For Convenient And Noise Free Solutions For Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has become a must for comfortable living and working conditions in most parts of the world. Air conditioners mainly consist of compressors and condensers that cool the air and fans and blowers that conduct this air into the living spaces that need to be cooled.

Compressors require motors that constantly switch on and off to provide the desired level of comfort. These machines can be quite noisy and be very distracting for people when they are working or sleeping. An HVAC split system mitigates this problem to some extent by positioning the compressor and condenser outside the area that needs to be cooled. The cooled refrigerant is led into the area that is to be air conditioned, and fan units that are relatively silent blow air over them and ensure cold air. They do not require any ducts to transmit the air, which can be delivered to the exact spot where it is required.

An HVAC split system can, however, be more expensive as it requires two different pieces of equipment and long lengths of copper pipes. These pipes also need to be adequately insulated to ensure that there is no loss of the cooling energy. This system is useful for air conditioning of small halls and rooms. A great advantage of this system that it does not take up any window space, which can reduce light and ventilation in a room. The installation of this system does not require any dismantling of walls or modifications to windows that may be necessitated by window air conditioners. The compressor units of these systems are also quite compact and can be easily installed on ledges or projections or on any support system that can be fixed onto the outside wall of the room being air conditioned. The fan units can be conveniently mounted on walls or may even be floor mounted units that can be left free standing in the room.

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