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Installing A Mini Split System? Learn The Ideal Locations For The Indoor And Outdoor Units

Ductless mini split air conditioning is an attractive option for homeowners looking for efficiency and functionality. But deciding on ductless system is only half the battle. You also need to find the ideal location to install a mini split system. Here’s a brief guide to help you learn where the units need to go.

Indoor Unit

Your indoor unit pulls heat out of your air, and sends it through refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit. To do this, it needs to have access to the air circulating through your room, so it should be in a part of the room that isn’t obstructed by furniture or architectural features.

If wall-mounted, the unit should be about 8-10 feet above the ground and high enough that it won’t interfere with your room’s layout. In bedrooms, installing it directly over the bed can deliver the most benefit through the night. Regardless of where it’s placed, it needs to be accessible for maintenance and regular air filter cleaning.

Outdoor Unit 

The outdoor A/C unit in a split system takes heated refrigerant and exhausts the heat into the outdoor air. It then returns the refrigerant to the indoor units so that it can absorb more heat from inside.

An outdoor unit will need enough local air circulation to carry away the heated air. That means that it shouldn’t be installed within 3 feet of walls, structures and plants that are likely to become overgrown. Like the indoor unit, it should be accessible for maintenance.

The unit should be installed on a hard surface such as a cement base. This will help reduce vibration, which can cause excess noise and potentially disconnect the refrigerant line.

If you’re adding a ductless system to your home and you’d like to know the ideal locations to install a mini split system, contact Wolff Mechanical, your local HVAC experts, to learn more.

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