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Boost Energy Savings With 5 Insider Tips — Inefficient Factors Your Home Can Show You

In today’s tough economic times, budget-minded homeowners are looking for ways to help reduce their overall utility bills and increase their energy savings. With these five insider tips, you can reduce your overall energy cost, leading to long-term savings for you.

    1. Seal cracks around your home. Trying to keep your home cool during the sweltering summer months in Scottsdale can be an uphill battle when the hot outdoor air seeps in through the cracks and the cool indoor air leaks out. These leaks can be anywhere in your home, from the basement to the attic and anywhere in between.
    2. Replace your old energy-sucking heating and cooling units with newer, energy efficient models. This may be an expensive option for some homeowners however it will reduce your energy usage and ultimately save you money.
    3. Lower the temperature of your water heater. Keeping the unit under 140 degrees will reduce your heating costs and lower your monthly utility bill.
    4. Incorporate several small energy-saving steps in your everyday life. Simply turning off the lights when not in the room, opening curtains to allow in natural light, changing your furnace filter regularly, unplugging electrical appliances when not in use and not allowing the water faucet to run when not in use will lower both your energy use and monthly bills.
    5. Consider hiring a professional company to perform a home performance audit. Using tools specifically designed to evaluate your home’s performance, the professionals will inform you on how you can upgrade your home’s efficiency and increase your energy savings.

Contact the experts at Wolff Mechanical for more information on energy savings and how you can reduce energy loss. We’re here to help!