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Improve Ventilation With An Attic Fan, Get These 3 Perks

Attic fans are a great investment in central Arizona, where summertime temperatures are regularly sustained at well above 100 degrees through the summer months. Even with insulation and radiant barriers installed, when the sun’s heat falls onto your roof it heats up the air inside the attic. Attic fans remove this heated air, and cooler “makeup” air is drawn in through remote vents.

Vents in the ridge and in gables, along with dormer vents, are all passive; they work by allowing natural draft air convection to take place. Even turbine vents only extract hot air when the wind is blowing outside. mechanical options are much more effective. Along with several other additional benefits, homeowners who improve ventilation with an attic fan get these three perks:

    • Savings: Once an attic ventilation fan is installed, it does more than simply cool the loft void. If the air in the attic is at a similar temperature to the air outside, heat cannot transfer downward through the ceilings into your home. This translates directly into energy — and therefore cost — savings for you.
    • 24-hour protection: The heat from the sun does not stop costing you money in the evening. The baking air in your loft void stays hot for many hours after dark, so continues to put additional strain on your HVAC system. A well-ventilated attic removes this problem.
    • Trouble-free operation. Attic fans are typically guaranteed to function for several years without service or repair, and are controlled by a thermal switch much like a thermostat. Once installed, the fan should improve ventilation without any further expense or action required by the owner.

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