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Selecting The Right HVAC For Your Home

Like many homeowners who plan on remodeling sometime in the future, the myriad of design options can be quite confusing. From flooring to fixtures to anything in between, one quick decision can be interpreted as a make or break design move when considering a home’s overall appeal.

Usually, large scale remodeling projects start out with some sort of pre-planning and research. As a result, we tend to put off smaller tasks until the end such as selecting lighting or heating and cooling. While bathroom remodeling or kitchen appliances might strike you as the first thing to consider, it is very important to keep HVAC systems in mind and understand how they will play into your design plans.

Given the sheer variety of heating and cooling systems available, deciding between – window, duct-free or ducted central heating and air units – can be confusing at first. Rest assured, assessing the amount of space per room will assist you in making the right decision. Still a bit overwhelmed? Not to worry, the Phoenix air conditioning repair experts at Wolff Mechanical have provided the following HVAC information on behalf of Marshfield News Herald.

Window Units

The most basic of air conditioning units, window units do well to address a need in a specific room with minimal cost and no construction. If you find yourself comfortable most of the time, save when you’re trying to go to sleep, a window unit in your bedroom may be your answer. Window units are an affordable upfront investment and can be moved from place to place, as well as stored for winter, making them a versatile choice.

Ducted Central Air Systems

If your home already has the framework of ducts required for this type of system, it can provide both heating and cooling comfort throughout your entire home. These systems are great for larger homes and apartments, as you won’t have to worry about installing and maintaining multiple window units and space is saved by moving the working parts of the air conditioner outside. Advanced systems also allow you to maintain different temperatures in different parts of the home, so everyone can be comfortable.

Duct-Free Systems

Many consumers may not know there is another option out there, one that is actually more energy efficient than traditional central air and still provides even temperature control. Duct-free systems still include an outdoor fan, but the outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit via compact lines instead of large, unsightly air ducts. These lines deliver refrigerant directly to an indoor unit, and produce and distribute hot and cold air throughout the space.

Where are duct-free systems appropriate?

• Remodels and additions, eliminating the need for bulky ductwork.

• As a supplement for rooms that never seem to be the right temperature.

• Older homes unable to accommodate ductwork.

• Design-oriented homes seeking to mask appearance of home comfort systems.

By taking some time to think about which type of HVAC system works best for your home, Wolff Mechanical ensures that you get the best system for your money and that you’ll live in comfort for years to come.

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