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Signs That It’s Time For Air Conditioning Service

During our hot Arizona summers, air conditioning is a feature in your home that you may take for granted. After all, you use it all the time, just like you use your tap water and your electric lights. Keep an eye on your air conditioning, though. If you take care of it, then it will take care of you. It’s important to know when you need to seek out air conditioning service. If you wait too long, repairs can get expensive and you may even have to go without central air for a time.

To avoid those problems, be aware of the following signs that it’s time to call for air conditioning service:

    • A blown fuse. A blown fuse may indicate a short in your wiring that has caused an electrical surge. You can check for electrical problems with your A/C unit by looking for the relays near the condenser. If they stick out, they’ve been tripped, and you probably have a wiring short. Get your air conditioning serviced right away to avoid larger electrical problems.
    • Unusual noises. Animals may growl, rattle, and squeal, but these are not sounds you want to hear from your air conditioning unit. If you hear any of these sounds, you may have a a problem with your motor, a defective fan belt, or inadequate lubrication. These are all fixable problems, but you don’t want them to go on too long and cause more damage.
    • Warmer temperatures. If your air conditioner just isn’t cooling your house like it used to, it’s time for service. Your freon levels may be low, there may be a problem with the compressor, or the system may be caked with dirt and dust.
    • Acrid smells. A properly functioning air conditioning system shouldn’t produce any smells at all, so if you notice an acrid or burnt smell near the main unit outside or anywhere in the house, you should call for service right away. Wire insulation may have burned, which causes a dangerous situation.

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