Cooling costs in the summer account for 40% of your commercial annual electric bill, older equipment will increase that percentage. Wolff Mechanical can replace your old system with a new high-efficiency air conditioning unit installed in accordance with APS and SRP quality installation standards.

APS measured the energy consumption of high-efficiency AC units installed and found dramatic results.

Units installed through the APS AC rebate program had:

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  • 20% more annual cooling energy savings for a typical year
  • 13% more cooling peak demand savings for a typical year

APS, Wolff Mechanical, and other contractors in this program generated higher participation and higher customer savings compared to other quality installation programs in the U.S. Studies show that half of all central air conditioners in U.S. homes never perform to their advertised capacity because they’re installed incorrectly. You can trust Wolff Mechanical for the quality installation of your cooling equipment.

By replacing an air conditioning unit that is 8 or more years old with a new energy-efficient unit you may qualify for an energy rebate from APS or SRP and tax credits may be available. Leasing options are available on all newly installed air conditioning units we carry including Daikin, Trane, Lennox, and many other quality brands.

Rebates and flexible payment options are available to building owners including low-interest loans and leasing.

Commercial AC leasing provides many financial advantages over purchasing AC equipment for businesses and commercial property owners.
  • Maintains working capital for other uses
  • 100% Air conditioning and heating equipment and install financing
  • Prevaricate against inflation with current AC equipment at tomorrow’s dollars
  • Tax advantage 100% deductible lease payments
  • Maintain your borrowing capacity by acquiring AC and heating equipment without tying up credit
  • Limit budget issues with low payments tailored to your business needs
  • Lease options to fit your budget and lower cooling bills
  • Ability to roll an air conditioning and heating maintenance agreement into your lease
  • More tenants renew their leases when utility bills are low and they are not constantly dealing with air conditioning equipment failures.

Custom leases are available up to $1 million and have a payment plan of 12 to 60 months. Heating, air-conditioning, air cleaning and controls may be rolled into your lease. This may include equipment, labor, permits, extended warranty, and maintenance agreement all from one low monthly payment.

For amounts up to $75,000, there is a one-page application and no financials and tax returns are need. Approvals usually take less than 24 hours. Seasonal, deferred, and step payment may be available.

Not only are you able to provide a healthy work environment, which decreases lost revenues due to employee sick days away from their job but also a more comfortable environment for your valued customers and tenants. Commercial air conditioning financing and commercial air-conditioning leasing is a good investment and improves the value of your building in addition to lowering your monthly cooling costs.

Tax Deductions

he Energy Policy Act of 2005, Section 179D, makes certain customers eligible for a tax deduction related to lighting, HVAC and building envelope improvements. If the HVAC upgrade performed at a building meets a certain level of energy savings, the customer is eligible to receive a tax deduction of $0.60 / square foot for that building. (Lighting and envelope improvements could each represent an additional $0.60 / square foot.)

After an HVAC project is completed, the equipment is listed as a depreciable asset to the company for a certain number of years. Any depreciable value remaining for equipment that has been abandoned is tax-deductible.

Building owners can segregate certain depreciable assets and accelerate that depreciation to save money on taxes now, rather than in subsequent years.

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Let Wolff Mechanical tailor the best energy-efficient system for your facility and budget. Call for a no-cost evaluation of your current system and a recommendation on a cost savings replacement.