March 27, 2013

Desert Heat TipsWith summer just around the corner in Arizona, the time must come for air conditioning season. If you do not have an air conditioning unit already installed in your home, now is the time and Wolff Mechanical Inc. is available to help you install one before the extreme heat of the desert hits your home. Before you install your air conditioning unit, or if we already installed one for you in the past, here are some great tips to prepare you and your home from the extreme temperatures of Scottsdale. These tips will also help with energy-saving for electric bills this summer and keeping air conditioning units running smoothly.

AC Tips for Summer Comfort
  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees, each degree lower increases your energy consumption by 8% (saving on that electric bill is key for AZ).
  • Clean the AC units coils outdoors and indoors, dirt build on the coils is the number one cause of poor efficiency.
  • While running your AC unit, use kitchen and bathroom fans sparingly.
  • Keep window shades closed during the day.
  • Try to refrain from using the oven or dishwasher during peak heat hours.
  • Avoid using a dehumidifier while the AC unit is cooling your home, because it makes the cooling system work twice as hard.
  • Keep your home closed up tight during the day to keep unwanted heat outside.
  • At night vent the home by opening windows and using fans.

At Wolff Mechanical Inc., not only do we specialize in air conditioning, but also it is important to us that our clients get the most efficient use out of their Scottsdale air conditioning units. Keeping the unit clean and knowing these tricks will help keep energy bills down and air conditioners running smoothly all summer long. The heat is quickly approaching Arizona. Helping you to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature this summer is our number one priority at Wolff Mechanical Inc.

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