January 27, 2012

To combat the negative effects of dry air, especially in extremely dry areas like the Phoenix Valley, a whole-house humidifier is critical. Portable units are also an option, and while both devices have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to evaluate each system to select the right one for your home and needs.

Ease of use

Whole-house humidifiers, once installed, will operate efficiently and easily, without requiring attention from you. Portable units, however, require daily attention, because the water tank has to be full in order for it to function.


The whole-house system you select will have a capacity to humidify your entire home, because your HVAC contractor will evaluate your home’s square footage to match a system to your needs. A portable device will generally be able to humidify a single room, so its capacity is limited.


Whole-house models will cost more to purchase and require expert installation, whereas portable devices are a low-cost method of humidification. On the other hand, to humidify a whole home, you’d need several portable models, and at that point a whole-house system starts to make more economic sense.


Whole-house systems require little maintenance beyond annual service visits that ensure that your system is clean and inspected. And once the device is connected to your home’s water source, the system is set up for use. Portable devices, on the other hand, require daily care. It’s necessary to wipe the tank down to prevent scale and sediment buildup. If it has a filter, it will need to be changed regularly. And probably the most bothersome task with a portable unit is the daily filling of the tank with water.


Whole-house humidifiers provide the ultimate comfort experience. Attached alongside your HVAC equipment, these humidifiers will release moisture into the air as your HVAC systems produce conditioned air. That moist air is then sent through your ductwork and delivered to every room in your home. A portable humidifier will provide a measure of comfort, as long as you remain in the room with it.
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