June 5, 2014

Ductless Mini Split Systems Could Be a Good Addition to Your HomeA growing number of homeowners are singing the praises of ductless mini-split systems for a plethora of good reasons, such as energy-efficient cooling and heating, practical installation options and whisper-quiet operation. Read on to see how a ductless mini-split could be a nice addition to your home’s new addition.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are air-source A/Cs and heat pumps, and use the same refrigeration principles for cooling and heating as your larger central system. Ductless systems, however, are designed with compact components to deliver point-of-use cooling and heating, and here’s how:

Indoor air-handling units (AHUs) may be mounted to the surface of practically any wall or ceiling, or they can be concealed in wall, floor, and ceiling cavities. The AHU is equipped with sophisticated electronics that regulate high-efficiency refrigerant, delivering point-of-use air conditioning for zoned comfort.

The outside compressor/condenser unit operates at whisper-quiet decibels by using inverter-driven technology. Inverter-driven compressors precisely match real-time cooling and heating demand for continuous comfort. With a substantially smaller footprint to central systems, the small outside unit may be mounted to the home shell, or installed on a solid surface, such as a small concrete slab or paver stones.

A thin conduit connects refrigerant lines, condensate tubing, and the power source from the outside unit to the indoor AHU. The flexible conduit is routed behind the scenes inside walls, attic space, crawl space, and/or basements.

New Additions, Retrofits

Ductless mini-split systems were originally designed to provide practical air conditioning alternatives in lieu of ductwork for homes and offices with limited square footage. That also fits the description of many home-improvement projects. The following are a few of the applications perfectly served by the accommodating installation options of ductless systems:

New additions, such as a family room or extra bedroom, may be well suited for ductless air conditioning but not bulky ducts.
Ductless systems work well in home offices and converted garage workshops.
Condition infrequently used rooms as needed with a mini-split.

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