October 26, 2020

We spend a lot of time indoors during the summer, and Arizonians are well familiar with creative ways to cool off in 100-plus degree weather. One of the more unique technologies recently introduced, Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), helps homeowners more than endure summers spent inside their homes.

Energy Recovery Ventilators use ventilation technology that basically makes indoor air fresher, equipment more efficient, indoor air quality better and your home more comfortable.

  • When homes are tightly sealed, it’s often difficult to get rid of old, stale air, because there are few natural leaks in the home through which air can circulate. A mechanical ventilation system, such as an ERV, allows fresh air to come in while circulating old air out.
  • The technology behind ERVs uses a highly efficient, heat-transferring technology. Instead of creating energy to produce conditioned air, an ERV draws energy from the hot air that’s making its way outside, and directs it back into the home. During hot summer temperatures, the ERV takes the already cooled air from the inside and transfers that energy to cool the incoming warm air. This process enhances the air conditioning system and increasing efficiency.
  • Because the ventilation system constantly exchanges air from one place to another, it positively impacts the quality of indoor air. For individuals who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, ERVs increase quality of life.
  • Another benefit of ERVs is their ability to move moisture, which helps your home’s comfort factor. When there’s moisture inside during winter, ERVs take that moisture and re-circulate it with the dry, incoming air to produce comfortably humid conditions. In the summer, ERVs draw moisture out of the air that’s coming into the home and directs it to the air that’s leaving.

On top of the benefits of ERVs, you can choose to enhance the system with convenient features, like digital screens, programmable settings, and timers.

Regardless of the season, add the use of an ERV to your list of cooling-off strategies. Contact Wolff Mechanical, rated number one in Ranking Arizona, with questions or concerns about ventilation and ERVs.

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