October 30, 2013

Wolff Mechanical not only helps with Scottsdale air conditioning services, but also is also available to help with heaters and water heaters. Winter is starting to enter the desert and you need to protect your air conditioning unit during the winter months. Last winter Phoenix saw snow in low levels and cold temperatures that can cause damage to outdoor units. Today we would like to share a few tips to help protect your outdoor air conditioning system during the winter months.

Wolff Mechanical Five Tips For Winter Air Conditioning Protection

Turn off the power of your air conditioning unit since it will not be in use during the winter months. This will prevent it from accidentally turning on and causing damage to the unit in the case that the water in the condensing unit has frozen
Before the weather gets really cold spray down the unit to get rid of any dirt or debris.
Since winter brings about wind and rain, check for cracks in the frame that can allow debris and dirt to build up over the winter months. Also, investigate if there is any rusting on the ac unit.
Purchase a cover that can anchor to the ground and cover the outdoor unit. This is a great way to protect the air conditioning unit from all types of winter weather.

Check the unit periodically throughout the winter months and remove any build-up or debris.

Wolff Mechanical is comprised of many talented professional air conditioning, water heater, and heating technicians. Our highly trained staff is available to help with all your repair services. Please contact us today is you have to need to help to prepare your air conditioning unit for wintertime.

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