May 29, 2014

HVAC Maintenance Plan ChecklistIf you’re not investing in an HVAC maintenance plan, the heating and cooling system in your Central Arizona home is susceptible to unexpected repairs and various other problems that directly affect your health and your wallet. When your HVAC unit is well-maintained, your indoor air quality improves, your home is running at maximum efficiency and you can rest easy knowing the unit is functioning safely.

Benefits of a HVAC Maintenance Plan
  • Lower Energy Costs – A heating and cooling unit that is maintained by a professional HVAC company run at maximum energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption and lowers your operating costs. In fact, an HVAC unit that is regularly maintained can retain up to 95-percent of its original efficiency.
  • Reduction in Unexpected Repairs – When a professional and trusted HVAC company maintains your heating and cooling system, the chance of unexpected repairs occurring drops dramatically.
  • Save Money – Signing up for an HVAC maintenance plan means you will receive a discount on parts, repairs, and labor if your unit requires it.
  • Priority Scheduling – Customers who sign a preventive maintenance agreement get priority scheduling over other customers who are not on an agreement. This means that in time of an HVAC emergency, you don’t have to wait days until a technician can get to your unit. In most cases, the tech will arrive on the same day.
  • Prolong the Life of the Unit – Experts agree that when an HVAC unit receives regular maintenance, it helps prolong the life of the heating and cooling unit.
  • Maintain the Warranty – The company holding your unit’s warranty can deny claims based on improper care and leave you paying the costs out of pocket.

While you may be a little put off by paying upfront for this service, an HVAC maintenance plan is a smart investment that protects an expensive and vital piece of your home’s comfort.

For more information about an HVAC maintenance plan and how it can benefit your home, contact the experts at Wolff Mechanical. For over 22 years, we have provided dependable heating, cooling, solar and home comfort services to the Central Arizona area.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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