May 24, 2011

Nobody can predict the future; anyone who claims otherwise had better have the lottery winnings to prove it. So, when your old air conditioning system breaks down, it can be difficult to tell whether a repair job will have it working for many years to come, or whether it’s on its last legs and should be replaced instead.

There are clues you can look for, though, that give a pretty good indication of whether you would be better off simply replacing your air conditioner. Based on our experience, below are some signs that you should consider replacing your air conditioning system:

  • Your current air conditioner or heat pump is at least 10 years old. Air conditioners do eventually wear out, and if one part of your teenage air conditioning system breaks down, it is likely that other parts will follow in relatively short order.
  • Repairs are becoming a frequent occurrence. One repair job may be cheaper than buying a new system but multiple repair jobs can easily add up to more than a replacement would cost.
  • Your electricity usage is higher than it used to be. As air conditioners age, they often become less efficient and consume more electricity. Besides being a sign that your old A/C system is not functioning well, the long-term electric savings from a new, high-efficiency unit can more than cover the cost of buying a replacement.
  • Your air conditioner is noisy or you have significant problems with indoor air quality. These can be signs that there is a problem with your existing A/C system.

Of course, the best way to ensure you make a good decision on whether to repair or replace your air conditioning system is consult an expert. At Wolff Mechanical, we have experience with repairing and replacing the A/C systems at thousands of Phoenix homes, and we can evaluate your system to see whether you would likely be better off replacing it or if all you need is a basic repair. We’re here to help, and are happy to answer whatever air conditioning questions you might have. Contact us today.

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