June 25, 2015

The Phoenix climate means that for much of the year, homeowners spend a lot of energy dollars keeping their homes comfortable. Cutting back on your energy spending by limiting the time your HVAC system runs to when you’re home and active is a proven energy saver. Programmable thermostats can make it easy.

Tips for Using Your Programmable Thermostat

Using your programmable thermostat correctly is the key to saving. Here’s how:

  • Get the right model. Thermostats vary in what kind of schedules they’ll support. Some allow you to set a different schedule for weekdays and weekends, while others allow a different schedule for every day. Get the one that’s flexible enough for your needs.
  • Set the temperature back from 10-15 degrees for at least eight-hour periods, such as when you’re at work or sleeping.
  • Don’t change the programming often. If your schedule changes for a day, use the override option to temporarily set a new temperature. If you’re heading out on vacation, use a vacation/hold setting that you can remove when you get back.
  • Don’t set the temperature beyond what you want. Cranking the thermostat won’t make your home cool down or heat up any faster. Look into smart thermostat options if you want your home to hit certain temperatures at exact times.
  • Remember to check your thermostat’s batteries and replace them as frequently as needed. At a minimum, you should check them once a year.
  • Cut back on cooling overall during the summer by supplementing your A/C with ceiling fans and, during cooler times, natural ventilation.
  • Add a home zoning system to further fine-tune your energy use and match your home HVAC needs to your lifestyle.

To learn more about how a programmable thermostat can keep you cool in the Phoenix heat, contact Wolff Mechanical, Inc. today.

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