September 2, 2014

Big HVAC breakdowns are expensive and inconvenient. In general, there are two main ways that you can limit the cost or number of breakdowns: warranty plans and maintenance agreements. Warranty plans allow you to be reimbursed for parts and services needed if problems arise, while maintenance agreements provide you with regular service for your HVAC system. Here are the main advantages that maintenance agreements have over warranties:

Premium service. When something goes wrong, your maintenance provider will want to fix it as soon as possible to keep you as a happy client. When you’re dealing with warranty claims though, you will likely face resistance in the form of service requirements. There are usually strings attached to warranties that limit who you can get service from and what it can include. With a maintenance agreement, you’ll likely be up and running within a day or two, but warranty claims can take much longer.

The simplest maintenance. There are some maintenance tasks that you can’t do yourself because these tasks are difficult. With a maintenance agreement, you typically get every part of your system cleaned and inspected by a professional. There is very little chance of a mistake or something being missed. Warranty plans do not cover regular service.

Cheaper in the long run. Regular maintenance has a lot of benefits to your system. The first is that it will last much longer than a neglected system. Secondly, it will run closer to peak efficiency, saving you money on energy bills that will add up over time. Finally, you will catch small problems before they develop into large problems, meaning that you will avoid many expensive breakdowns.

Trusted service. Giving someone full access to one of the most expensive and important parts of your home takes trust. Most companies offer maintenance plans, so you can really look around until you find one that you feel comfortable with. With a warranty plan, you’ll have little choice about who you let into your home.

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