August 27, 2015

If you’re facing a dilemma figuring out whether to replace your entire air conditioner or just the component that failed (whether inside or outside), you’ll want to consider the benefits of replacing your A/C as a matched system. Sure, you’ll be tempted to save some money and just replace the component that failed, but that’s usually not the wisest course. Here are some reasons why.

Your A/C Is a Cohesive System

An air conditioner has been engineered to work as one cohesive system, with the inside air handler/evaporator working in tandem with the outside condenser/compressor. This ensures the system can achieve its promised energy efficiency and comfort in your home. While it may be possible to purchase a new outdoor unit to work with your old air handler or vice versa, this is a recipe for recurring problems with performance and efficiency.

Don’t Miss Out on Technology Advances

Upgrading to an entirely new split-system A/C allows you to take full advantage of recent advances in energy efficiency and operating function. You won’t reap those benefits with a mismatched system.

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

New central A/Cs sport higher and higher cooling efficiency levels, but those high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) numbers depend upon a fully integrated new system. If you match an old indoor unit with a new outdoor unit, you’re not going to reach the SEER rating of the new components. Your system will be hamstrung by the limitations of the older component.

Perpetuating a Bad Decision

If your outside unit fails, it probably won’t be long before the inside unit fails, too. You really won’t save much money rushing to replace just one unit. Don’t get into a situation where you’re perpetuating poor efficiency and performance by repeatedly upgrading single components and never enjoying a matched split-system A/C.

For these and other reasons, replacing your A/C with a new, high-efficiency matched system is the smart decision. For help finding a new split-system air conditioner or heat pump for your Central Arizona home, please contact us at Wolff Mechanical.

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