September 11, 2014

Do you want to know what your plumbing professional will be doing when they install your new tankless water heater? Read on to find out how it is done.

Run Vent Pipe

If you are replacing an old water heater with a new tankless model, then your plumber will bypass this step as long as the current vent pipe is the right diameter. If you are adding a tankless water heater to new construction, then your plumber must find a location to run the new vent pipe.

The vent pipe has to extend to the outside of your home and must face downward to prevent rain from getting in. Certain models require a fresh air intake pipe, and in this case, your plumber will know what to do.

Cut Holes

Next, your plumber will measure the walls thimble holes. He or she will test the thimble holes to be sure they are correct, and after all of the angles have been checked he or she will put the vent pipe into the thimble. Since you are using a professional, you know that all of this will be done to code.

Mounting the Heater

After the new vent pipe is ready to go, it is time for your plumber to mount the tankless water heater to the walls where the vent pipes are located. Your plumber will line the new tank up with the vent pipe. When you have brick or concrete walls in your basement, your plumber will need to attach a backboard to a joist to create a place for mounting your water heater.

Attach the Water Pipes

Your new water heater will need pipes to supply it with water. Your plumber will solder the new pipes to the water heater, and attach a pressure relief valve. There will be additional valves that need to be attached to your water heater if it uses gas for fuel.

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