July 22, 2016

When summer descends on Phoenix, the mercury rises to lofty heights. Everyone needs a cooling system that can shield them from the sun’s heat. If the room in question is fairly small, then consider installing a ductless mini-split unit. AZ Air Conditioning provides installation service for ductless mini-split system Phoenix AZ residents can depend on. Here are a few of the reasons why this setup is getting increasingly popular:

Compact Unit

This type of system is suited to cramped spaces. As the name implies, these split systems are composed of two co-dependent elements. The indoor element is quite compact making it easy to hang it anywhere on the walls. You aren’t limited to an outdoor wall either. The outdoor element, on the other hand, is fairly big as it contains most of the active cooling components. The two are connected by a pipe where cold air flows through.

Independent Control

Centralized systems have their advantages but the single-setting setup can be an issue for many. Mini-splits go the opposite route by being small and focusing on one room alone. The occupant can change the settings as he or she pleases. It can be turned on or off at will. Those in other rooms can do the same with theirs such that everyone gets just the right amount of cooling for their needs.

Quiet Operation

All of the usual culprits with noise issues are on the outdoor element. They are insulated from the room as long as the windows are closed. Thus, the occupants can enjoy quiet nights and restful sleep. Of course, any excessive or unusual noise should not be ignored as this could be a sign of impending system failure. Call us today to schedule an appointment for assessment and installation of a ductless mini-split unit.

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