July 22, 2016

New homeowners have to decide on the type of cooling system that they want for their residence. They have a number of options to choose from. For a lot of people, the top pick is a ductless mini-split because of its many advantages. If you are going to follow this route, then you should have a ductless mini-split system Cave Creek AZ specialist on your side throughout the project. Consider AZ Air Conditioning for a stress-free installation.

A Low-noise Setup

One of the reasons why people love this system is minimal noise emission. All air conditioners emit some level of noise but this is usually just a low hum. This can grow louder as the unit ages because of dirt, wear, and other issues. It can get annoying with the common window type AC as the room is filled with the sound. It’s especially aggravating in the night when there’s no background noise to mask it. Mini-splits move the noise-generating part outside the room so people can sleep soundly.

Independent Control

Another advantage to this system is that there is one in every room. Each occupant can choose his or her preferred settings without affecting those in other areas. This is a freedom that those with central ACs miss a great deal. They are stuck with one setting which may work for some but not for others. With mini-splits, there is no need to quarrel.

Ease of Installation

Finally, the ductless mini-split AC is much easier to install than other types. There is no need to put a big hole on the wall for the unit to pass through. Only a small hose is required to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is also quite small allowing owners to find a nice spot for it on the wall even in the tiniest rooms.

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