November 3, 2016

Air ConditionerNow that we are in that “in-between” time where the temperature is just right where you hardly run your air conditioner or heater, it is a great time to consider upgrading that old unit for a new high-efficiency system. As HVAC units age they get less efficient costing you much more money to run. Not to mention the fact that you could be spending much more money on repairs.

Your friends over here at Wolff Mechanical, Inc. have some great information on how you could claim one or more federal tax credits as well as local utility company rebate programs for purchasing a new energy-efficient HVAC system. But these credits don’t just apply to Lennox systems. You can use these tax credits on any of our trusted brands. Use our form below to contact us and find out how you can get started right away before you miss this great offer that EXPIRES 12/31/2016.

This fall why not do something for you and the environment!

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