August 5, 2014

Troubleshoot These Programmable Thermostat IssuesA programmable thermostat can be a great energy-efficient addition to your Phoenix area household. These electronic devices enable homeowners to easily and automatically calibrate indoor temperatures according to their personal at-home and away schedule. This helps reduce energy costs while you and your family aren’t awake or home. However, like any electronic system, they can act up. The following list includes a few of these common operational issues, and how to best troubleshoot them when they occur:

Digital display issues. This is a common, but easily addressable, operation issue. If your unit is battery-operated, inspect the batteries and whether they are still good. Any batteries older than six months ought to be replaced with high-performance units. If you have a programmable thermostat that is wired directly into your household’s HVAC system, then first check to see whether it is properly secured to its wall plate. A loose attachment can cause a short among the unit’s digital connections. If this isn’t the case, check your circuit breaker and try resetting its switch.

Heating or cooling issues. If there isn’t hot or cool air flowing through your vents, check to see whether the circuit breaker was tripped and reset it if needed. You can also try shutting the entire system off and turning it back on for a hard reset. After five minutes of being turned back on, set the thermostat to the desired “heat” or “cool” setting.

Programming issues. Always read the owner’s manual before initially setting the thermostat’s temperature programming, and before making any big adjustments. Some units operate on an AM/PM clock, others on a 24-hour clock.

Most homeowners will find installing a programmable thermostat in their home to be a fairly easy process. However, if you continue to experience issues with the device and the heating and cooling of your home, contact a trained technician for a thorough diagnosis of the whole system.

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