March 31, 2015

Uneven Heating and Cooling: Start With An Energy Audit From Wolff MechanicalWith warmer temps fast approaching, its no secret that the Arizona desert contributes to the majority of our weather conditions. From extreme heat to dust storms and everything in between, outdoor weather conditions may have a significant effect on your heating and cooling bill. Specifically, common sources of uneven heating and cooling after a harsh winter can be attributed to duct issues, thermostat settings, water heater leaks, and worn-out indoor weather seals.

Tired of seeing hefty energy bills that never seem to let up? It might be time to schedule an energy audit with the heating and cooling experts at Wolff Mechanical. Below, we have provided an energy checklist that you can use as a reference guide in order to take advantage of preventative home measures.

Spring Energy Audit Checklist:

  • Make sure your thermostat isn’t near lamps, TVs or a fireplace. Your thermostat may have the ability to sense heat from those appliances and as a result, may take longer to shut down.
  • Refrigerator Seal: One simple trick to see if your refrigeration is sealed properly is to stick a dollar bill in the door. If it easily slips out, then you may have a seal that should be replaced immediately.
  • The Light Bulb Test: Given the myriad of light bulbs available, choosing between halogen, incandescent, or CFL may seem confusing. Considering the benefits of a CFL bulb, it may be smart to replace your bulbs with newer, more energy-efficient lights. CFL bulbs produce about 3 to 4 times as much light as a traditional bulb and on average, use about 25% less energy.
  • Toilet Tank Test: One DIY home maintenance area that is often overlooked may be your toilet. We recommend checking for seals by adding some food coloring into your tank. If the food coloring immediately seeps into your tank without flushing, then you may have a water leak that should be addressed.

From thermostat maintenance to a simple refrigerator checkup, we hope our quick Spring Energy Checklist guides you towards DIY excellence. For more in-depth answers to your heating and cooling questions, be sure to schedule an energy audit with the Scottsdale AC service experts at Wolff Mechanical. For more information on our full line of services, please visit:

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