April 25, 2024

We Support Our Community: Coach Brandon DuBois Leads Chandler Youth Baseball Team

Wolff Mechanical stands at the top, not only as a leading heating and cooling company but also as a dedicated supporter of local endeavors. Today, we proudly shine a spotlight on one of our own, Brandon DuBois, as he coaches the Chandler Youth Baseball team, the Aqua Sox. Saturday, April 27, 2024, marks the commencement of another exciting season!

At Wolff Mechanical, we believe in the power of community involvement and teamwork, and Brandon’s role as a coach exemplifies this ethos. Just as we strive for excellence in our HVAC services, Brandon cultivates excellence on the baseball field, fostering an environment where young athletes can flourish both on and off the diamond.

Wolff Mechanical stands proudly in support, cheering alongside families and fans. Wolff Mechanical reaffirms its commitment to serving not only as a provider of exceptional heating and cooling services but as a steadfast supporter of local initiatives and endeavors. Together, we continue to build a stronger, more vibrant community—one pitch, one game, and one victory at a time.

Check out the CYB league on Facebook or at their website.

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